A person with SLD (Specific Learning Disorders) who decides to enrol at the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts should know that law acknowledges and protects the right to study and defines a series of tools and initiatives that schools must necessarily implement.

Students with Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) or Special Educational Needs (SEN) can refer to law no. 170/2010 and Ministerial Decree no. 5669 of July 12th 2011 to know the services they are entitled to.

The plan of teaching activities aims at ensuring the right to study for SLD and SEN students and coordinates several points such as:

  • - Ensuring reception, tutoring, mediation with the teaching organisation and monitoring the efficiency of the policies adopted;
  • - Providing for additional time of up to 30% in admission tests and curricular profit examinations and allowing the use of the compensatory and dispensatory tools provided, in relation to the type of SLD;
  • - Elaborating an appropriate and customised study plan in relation to the type of SLD, in order to better support the course of study, also in relation to teaching and individual subjects.
  • - Providing for an assessment of curricular and degree examination that take the 2014 CNUDD Guidelines into account.

How to access the SLD – ABAMC service?

The first step to be taken by the students in order to have their rights granted under the SLD service is handing a valid diagnostic certification of SLD to the student-administration office of the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts

To follow:

  • - the Student-administration office will send a report to the ABAMC SLD Service Coordinator, Prof. Federica Giulianini, who will inform the academy coordinators of the SLD student's individual study plan.
  • - Students should contact the SLD Coordinator (Prof. Federica Giulianini) at the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to arrange an appointment for a reception or meeting.
  • - At this point, students can avail themselves of the services and educational flexibility measures provided by law and, if necessary, a individually customised educational plan.

What should the diagnostic certification look like?

The document should:

  • - Be issued by the National Health Service (SSN), or by accredited specialists or facilities, if provided for by the Regions;
  • - Contain the specific terms of the SLD in question;
  • - Contain all the necessary information to understand the individual features of each subjects and their respective areas of strength and weakness.

When can I get my SLD certification at the student-administration office of the Macerata Academy of Fine Arts?

SLD certification can be submitted by the students:

  • - During the enrolment phase for an admission test, in order to benefit from the additional time considered appropriate in relation to the type of test (no more than 30%), or further measures to ensure equal opportunities in carrying out the tests.
  • - During the finalisation of the application form, in order to be able to benefit from the services provided by the Academy.
  • - After the enrolment, by the deadline of the study plan delivery (to the student administration office), in order to have more attention and educational affinity in the development of the courses.

When is the customised study plan activated?

  • - The customised study plan will be modified if necessary for all the students who have requested and submitted a regular certification, and upon request to the referent of the SLD Service. The study plan is agreed with the student and the teachers of the chosen areas.
  • - If necessary, the compensatory measures and tools considered to be the most appropriate to the student's educational path, assessed in relation to the SDL documentation, will be pointed in the customised study plan.

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