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Erasmus+ Office Representatives

Dr. Marina Ferrante
Laura Fabris

Digital Officer: Ludovica Salvi

Office location: Palazzo Galeotti – Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 5 – Macerata (2nd floor)
Ph.: +39 (0) 733 405124
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The new ERASMUS+ programme supports and promotes exchange and cooperation activities at all levels of education accessible in the Member States of the European Union and also at a transnational level, giving students (but also teaching and administrative staff) the opportunity to spend a period of study and/or training, from 3 to 12 months, at one of the foreign universities with which a special bilateral agreement has been signed.

For all the information you do not find in this section, please contact the International Relations Office at the above e-mail address

Legal Headquarters
P.zza V.Veneto 5
62100 Macerata
T +39 0733 405150

Didactic headquarters
Via Berardi, 6  
T. +39 0733 405111

Graphic, Light and Interior Design
Via Garibaldi 79/111
T. +39 0733 405141

Fashion Design and Stage Design
Via Gramsci
T. +39 0733 405142

I.R.M. Conservation & Restoration
ex.conv. S.Giovanni
T. +39 0733 405125

P.zza V.Veneto 5
T. +39 0733 405145



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