The Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata was established in December 1972, by decree of President Giovanni Leone, and was strongly promoted by the community and by Local Authorities who wanted to team up the University of centuries-old tradition with the highest level of artistic training.

“Macerata la bella", as the great artist Luigi Bartolini used to call it, is in the heart of central Marche, placed on top of a hill, like many towns and cities of our territory, and between two rivers: Chienti and Potenza, among the Sibillini Mountains and the gentle hills descending towards the Adriatic Sea.

A natural theatre that has retained its characteristic various "design", completely anthropized, the testimony of an ancient civilization based on tenant farming, which was able to maintain the delicate balance between nature and human settlements and gave birth to a productive model made of small and medium-sized family businesses representing the pride of the region and a model of sustainable development appreciated all over the world.

From its establishment till 1997, the year of the dramatic earthquake which involved Umbria and Marche, the Academy of Macerata has had its headquarters in the prestigious “Palazzo Buonaccorsi”, one of the most eminent evidences of the late Baroque architectural and artistic culture of the region. Within this historical excellent testimony, for over twenty years, there has been a daily activity concerning study and research, with a constant updating of the experimentation on the “languages of art”, according to the fundamental transformations which have included today Academy of Fine Arts within the national university system.

Currently the Academy of Macerata is located in a building in the historic center, a former convent of the Capuchin nuns, dedicated to St. Vincent with an outbuilding central plan church that serves as a multifunctional space and as an Aula Magna/Auditorium named after “Josef Svoboda”, the stage designer long active in the city for the representations at the “Arena Sferisterio”. The heroic early years were rich of activities and meetings at an international level. Thanks one of the first directors, Giorgio Cegna, the profitable situation that saw Macerata Academy connected to the artistic editorial activities of “Nuova Foglio, allowed the passage in Macerata of illustrious names such as French artists related to Pierre Restany and Michel Seuphor, with an important resulting impact on teaching.

Hereafter the eminent Academic Boards over the years: Luigi Montanarini (1972-1976), Giorgio Cegna (1976-1979), Vincenzo Bianchi (1979-1981), Remo Brindisi (1981-1983), Armando Ginesi (1984-1989 ), Robertomaria Siena (1990), Paola Ballesi (1990-2001), Anna Verducci (2001-2010), Giorgio Marangoni (from 2011 - to March 2012), Paola Taddei (2012-2018) an Rossella Ghezzi currently in office.

As far as the teachers are concerned, an important mark has been left by Remo Brindisi, Valeriano Trubbiani, Luciano Gregoretti, Antonello Falqui, Cesarini da Senigallia, Giorgio Facchini, Luigi di Sarro, Gino Marotta, Magdalo Mussio, Vittorio Mascalchi.

Many students have started an artistic career with fame and success, many have devoted themselves to teaching, many others are still involved in the crowded local production field, with important positions in advertising, design and communication.

Legal Headquarters
P.zza V.Veneto 5
62100 Macerata
T +39 0733 405150

Didactic headquarters
Via Berardi, 6  
T. +39 0733 405111

Graphic, Light and Interior Design
Via Garibaldi 79/111
T. +39 0733 405141

Fashion Design and Stage Design
Via Gramsci
T. +39 0733 405142

I.R.M. Conservation & Restoration
ex.conv. S.Giovanni
T. +39 0733 405125

P.zza V.Veneto 5
T. +39 0733 405145



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